Mission of LETOA

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes within Wisconsin’s criminal justice community. LETOA is proud to have influenced many of those positive changes. Through networking, member development, and recommendations to the Training and Standards Bureau – the Law Enforcement Training Officers’ Association has been a consistent source of progressive improvements within agencies, correctional facilities, and educational resources.

The overall mission of LETOA is to promote service, professionalism, and excellence throughout the Criminal Justice community. We are dedicated to improving the proficiency and safety of officers by participating in policy making processes and advancing cooperation among trainers, governmental bodies, and other organizations that enhance the quality of training for Criminal Justice professionals.


Similarly, the Articles of Incorporation state the purpose of LETOA is: “To promote professionalism in law enforcement through training by encouraging a program of mutual assistance among law enforcement training officers within the state and by assisting other organizations or governmental bodies interested in law enforcement training.”

Community expectations, tools, technology, and techniques will always change. However, our purpose and mission will remain unchanged.