Looking for TECCLEO Instructors

Hello – my name is Lt. William Krieg. I am the Professional Development Coordinator at the Appleton Police Department. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience training officers as a frontline supervisor, field training officer, firearms instructor, and defensive tactics instructor. Outside of the department, I am an adjunct instructor for Fox Valley Technical College and the National Criminal Justice Training Center.

A quote I commonly refer to when talking with instructors states:

Be a learner first, a master second, and a student always.

Ernie Zelinski

Despite all my years learning, studying, and teaching – I am still a student. I know there are many other experienced trainers throughout Wisconsin that can help me become a better officer and trainer. That is why I want to hear what you have to say.

We are looking for highly motived, experienced TECCLEO instructors to help support Wisconsin law enforcement trainers.

The mission of LETOA is to promote service, professionalism, and excellence throughout the criminal justice community. We accomplish this mission through our annual conference, member networking, training videos, and written articles shared online. To ensure quality content with our articles, we are looking for subject matter experts who would like to contribute.

There are multiple ways LETOA members can assist:

  • Submit original, written articles to be shared on our website and social media
  • Provide a topic or question you feel would benefit the LETOA membership
  • Share our site and social media with other law enforcement trainers
  • Consider joining our board of directors and help lead our association for the next generation of trainers

For subject matter experts who are considering written contributions, here are some things to know:

  • Articles and subject matter should be geared toward assisting other trainers with their academy and/or in-service training
  • Articles must be original content and submitted with permission for the article to be used on the LETOA website and on social media
  • An image of at least 1,000 x 700 pixels related to the article is helpful, but not required
  • Sample topics could include ways you have set up past trainings, lessons learned over the years, and agency best practices

LETOA operates with the power of volunteers. All board members and content contributors donate their time and efforts. For all, it is truly a labor of love. We are dedicated to improving the proficiency and safety of officers by participating in policy making processes and advancing cooperation among trainers, governmental bodies, and other organizations that enhance the quality of training for our criminal justice community.

We welcome and appreciate all who wish to join in our efforts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out directly or through our contact page.

Any statements made are those of the individual officer and do not necessarily represent the views of their agency, department, educational facility, or community leadership. Click Here for a complete article disclaimer.